Alum of the Week: Enrique Mitchell





What you were involved in while at Penn?

Theta Tau (Fun Comm/Recruitment chair), NSBE, ESAB, Engineers Without Borders (trip to Guatemala), CIS 120 TA 

What have you been up to since graduating?

After graduation, I moved to Seattle to start full time at Microsoft as a software engineer. I returned to the Cortana team where I interned previously working on projects ranging from Xbox cloud controlling to Outlook Assistive Search. In my free time, I volunteer with my religious organization, started taking archery lessons, play as much Spikeball as Seattle weather will allow me, and continue to roast Keen over games of Catan.

What was the biggest change, going from college to career?

Penn was a constant whirlwind where you often felt the need to prove myself. Moving to the working world, it’s weird because you realize how much Penn has prepared you, arguably more than your peers. The ask isn’t no longer to see how well you match up against the best in class or how much of an impossible problem set you can finish but rather you’re tasked with goals that you can reasonably accomplish. It’s nice to be able to plan my week and knowing that I have enough time to accomplish all that I have to do both professionally and personally. It’s honestly refreshing but most of all, it leaves you with the time to think about what it is you want to dedicate your time and effort to. I don’t think I’ve completely figured it out but I’m only 23 right?

What was/is your favorite thing about Theta Tau? Favorite OT events/memories?

God I immediately thought of the big things like SnowJam and going to Costa Rica but and I felt like a cliche but the more I thought about it, I realized it wasn’t those things (Good time to insert that I loved both those trips and you should definitely go if you can!). My favorite thing about OT was the quiet, unassuming days. It was getting the snow football email minutes after the snow day was declared to showing up to Allison Schwartz’ place and eating all her chili. It was the impromptu Jackbox games and trivia nights and walks downtown on nice days. It was the Lin trips (shoutout Spicy Lin) to our favorite now-closed crepes restaurant (RIP).

Do you have any advice for us still here at Penn? OR: What would you do differently in college if you had to do it all over again?

Honestly, I think that I’d try to appreciate it more. When you’re in college, you take for granted how awesome it is to have your friends nearby and the amount of options you have to try new things! It’s a bit tougher to try something new when it isn’t completely laid out in front of you. If you knew me in college, you know I was a big advocate for prioritizing your happiness/life over schoolwork and now that I’m graduated, I stand by that perspective even more.