Reveal + Lin Pong (10/25)

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On Thursday night, our lineages grew by one as we had reveal for the new pledge class in Koo Plaza. After the hugs and photos, we extended the excitement by going to Vera’s backyard for the semi-annual lin pong.

The winners: Beer Pressure (Lmonandrew)

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Beer Pressure: “We fucking killed that shit bro. Haters gonna hate. Winners gonna win. This lin. Dominates. Everyday.”

Runner-ups Tall, White, and Handsome: “Uh, say… I don’t lose so something supernatural has to have happened.”

Barefoot Spice Lin: “We expected to lose in the first round, won two games, and pushed the runner-ups into overtime.”

Young Money Lin: “Despite winning two semesters ago, young money lin is in a rebuilding semester. No one will stay in our way.”