SNOWJAM 2019 (1/24 - 1/27)

On the second weekend of this semester, 17 of our most thrill-seeking, fun-loving brothers took a trip to our neighboring country up north for the 2019 edition of SNOWJAM. The ride was “extremely long, and involved blowing a tire and waiting on the side of the road in upstate NY for a spare for 2 hours [...] but we still had fun, made mimosas, [and] ate an unfortunate amount of McDonald’s.” As for the skiing itself, “there was a mix of people who were amazing and people who had never skied before. We broke off into smaller groups to ski but all usually met up for lunch at the top of the mountain to catch up. We skied until 3 or 4 every day, then got beaver tails (pastries) or went to get drinks for apres ski (that’s what the drink pic is) or went home to chill.” After a long day of shredding the slopes, these adventurous brothers spent the night “making dinner together in [their] chalets. One night we had a big [mixer] in the OT chalet with all the OT people, Hex people, and SDT people. Then we went out to the bars and danced. [On the] second night, we played fishbowl (a game combining charades and taboo) in the chalet and just hung out.” “Oh and ate poutine too-- that’s important.” Welcome back to our beloved brothers!

*quotes from Alayna Choo, co-organizer of Snow Jam 2019