Alum of the Week - Scott Freeman





Involvements while at Penn: Theta Tau (rec chair: IM teams: basketball, football, soccer, volleyball), Ski team, CIS teaching assistant, Senior Feb Club organization.

What have you been up to since graduating?

“Right after graduating in 2017, I traveled around Europe for a couple weeks with some friends from Penn. I then spent the rest of the summer at home in Massachusetts, mostly playing golf and helping my parents move out of my childhood home. In August 2017, I moved to San Francisco and started work as a software engineer at Google, specifically working on the Google Photos iOS app. I live with a mixture of friends from home and college. In the winter, we spend most of our weekends skiing at Lake Tahoe. For the rest of the year, we enjoy traveling and exploring the west coast.”

What was the biggest change, going from college to career?

“I think the biggest change is that my schedule and weekly routine is much more consistent in the working world. I typically have the same hours every week. College was much different. I often went through periods of being swamped with work to periods of having no work at all.”

What are some of your favorite OT events/memories?

“Wow, this is a tough one to answer. I have so many great memories. If I had to pick one thing, it would be probably be Snow Jam (this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone). I had a blast organizing the trip with Lauren for two years. It was awesome way to get out of Philly for the weekend and party and ski with OT in another country! Outside of Snow Jam, some other great memories include the DR trip, skiing at EVL, and any of the 4002 parties.”

Do you have any advice for us still here at Penn?

“Try your best to plan your courses so that you are set up for a chill senior year, especially second semester. Senior year is your last year at Penn and you want to be able to make the most of it. It's an opportunity to do things that you weren't able to do in your first three years at Penn. You don't want to be bogged down by classes that you've been pushing off since freshman year.”

Anything else:

“OT is a really special group and was probably the best part of my college experience. Please keep working hard to recruit great, committed members so we can keep this special thing going for years to come.”