Spring Break: OTaly edition (3/1 - 3/9)

Earlier this month, 12 of our brothers traveled to Italy for spring break. After enduring a red-eye flight out of Newark and napping on the drive to the Airbnb, we explored Rome and then napped some more. It took about a day to adjust to the time zone difference. We roamed (haha) the grounds of the Roman Forum, barely made it inside the Colosseum before it closed, and Alex Xu felt right at home as we watched a group of furries pose for a picture on the Spanish Steps.

Hillary and I chose Italy as the destination for the trip in part because we could plan day trips to other Italian cities from Rome. We all were able to spend a day in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance. After buying leather bags and touring the Uffizi Gallery, we watched the sunset from the highest point in the city and then enjoyed an outstanding dinner and drink for only 12 euros that really made us think, “We got what we paid for.” (Check out Kitsch 2 if you’re ever there.)

Everyone spent the next day in the Vatican. The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica were magnificent to see, and we were all able to enter the Vatican Necropolis two stories below the church. Our final two destinations were Pompeii and Sorrento, which we combined into one long day. Our guide showed us the highlights of Pompeii, including a 2000-year old brothel, which inspired us to start a brothel of our own. Once we arrived in coastal Sorrento, we ran down 164 feet of stairs to spend some time by the water and later ascended those stairs so that Sam Pfrommer could pour a bottle of water on a very unlucky and unsuspecting woman.

Overall, we all had a terrific time in Italy and we’re taking suggestions for spring break 2020 destinations.

**Written by Evan