The Wedding (2/28)

On February 25, 2019, an email arrived in the OT TG inbox: “To all My Brothers You are Cordially Invited.” Ken, of the Theta Tau Upsilon chapter at University of Arkansas, was getting married that week in Philadelphia, and had reached out to invite both the Temple and UPenn chapters of Theta Tau to his wedding. Gracious for the invite, a dozen or so of our Tau Gamma brothers were in attendance.

Vera: “We really didn't know what to expect going into it so it was definitely a pleasant surprise. Ken was super nice. [When] we got to the wedding, Ken was like, ‘IS THIS THETA TAU UPENN,’ and we were like, ‘YEAH,’ and he plopped a bottle of vodka on our table and was like ‘hey I just want my brothers to have fun.”

Ingemar: “... and he gave us a keg to take home. His wife’s family was super fun. As me and Kaylyn were leaving, an older woman from the wife’s family called me over and said, ‘we should call Ellen so you can dance on her show. It brought us back to OG OT. It reminds me of what Lucas and Suraj would have done, and I’m glad we did it.”

Alicia: “Everyone was just having a ton of fun. Sean was going around blowing bubbles from the bubble wand at people.”

Sam P: “They put on some salsa music and [Mary and I] salsa’d a few songs. We got a lot of funny looks. Ken complimented our dancing, though.”

Eddie: “For one, I thought it was really beautiful that even though we had never met these people, we got to witness them in an extremely vulnerable real moment where they’re committing their lives to someone else. And this is the first wedding I’ve been to since I was like 7, so I really just appreciated how true and genuine it was like the looks on their faces. And then how welcoming they were to us, like so happy to greet us-- it was really special. And then seeing Temple come through was so cool, like Ken and [his wife] gave us an opportunity to make new friends and this was the first time pretty much I’ve met people in other OT, which was awesome.”