The City Tap Fundraiser (3/14)


“On Thursday March 14th, Theta Tau co-hosted a Harry Potter Quizzo with City Tap House. Jacob Syder and Adel Boyarsky donned Hogwarts robes and led the event as Quizmasters, while many more brothers came out to assist in the proctoring of the event as prefects, work the donation table, or cheer and bring their friends. It was a night of mysticism and magic as City Tap was packed with Potterheads hoping to show off their knowledge. The night was an overwhelming success as Theta Tau was able to make several hundreds of dollars (and also acquire a Sorting Hat!) The event was truly a demonstration of the power of the fraternity when everyone pitches in. Another City Tap House-Theta Tau event is not too far in the future!” - Fund-Comm chair Rohan

“I sat next to the DJ booth in the front, summoned my inner Alex Trebek, and went through our six categories of Harry Potter trivia. Sporadically I'd plug our fundraising table and try to get people to donate to Theta Tau. In the end, there were two teams that got perfect scores, so we probably underestimated how absolutely crazy people are about Harry Potter. Hosting the event was a blast, and to be honest I'm not sure how any life experience could ever top running a Harry Potter Quizzo while wearing a Hogwarts robe and sipping on butterbeer.” - Jacob