Lin Pong (3/22)

On March 22nd, 4002 was packed. Inside, brothers were cheering, balls were flying, players were shouting, and couches were shrouded under the piles of jackets… for the bi-annual Lin Pong. With the help of alum that had flown in for the weekend, it was a night to remember for the champions (pictured above after the victory) and honestly still a night to remember for the not-so-champions. We managed to get a couple quotes from the competitors:

Lost in first round: Team ‘Will James show up’: “Last night took an L but next year we bounce back (with the help of Andrew Levine)”

Made it to round 2: Team ‘Barefoot Spice’: “We’re pretty bad at beer pong and have never gotten past round 1, but we really pulled through tonight and lost round 2 with one cup on each side”

Made it to round 2: Team ‘Lin Pong’: “It’s the best we’ve ever done. … and Daphne finally made a cup.”

Semi-finalists: Team ‘Youngest Money’: “Lin pong was an emotional rollercoaster for the Jewish mom lin. Our first win against alum Greg and little Greg can only be described as the Most Undeserved Comeback of All Time. Our second win against team the Frozen lin was carried by our very own Talia Shotsky Frank. A very impressive performance by an unknown Elsa was not enough to defeat us this round. In the end we were faced with the ultimate challenge: defeating Regent and All Powerful Lauren. An incredible performance from Rookie of the Year, Jake, was no match. And rightly so. We accept this defeat and hope to rise again in the next Lin Pong Tournament as the Champions.”

Semi-finalists: Team ‘Samantha Bhung’: “Despite the best efforts of Alex Xu, Griffin and Sam Chung carried the lin to an easy first round victory over Ally and the island of misfit toys. The second round matchup was slightly more contested, as Evan and Eli made bounce shots while the lin had their backs turned, but Griffin turned in a Klay Thompson-esque performance, raining 3 balls with the accuracy of a trained sniper and the ruthlessness of a lioness in heat. However in the semi finals, David fell to Goliath. The lin was forced to watch as Eddie and Mickey nailed 6 shots in a row to put away the game. The lin fell short of claiming the gold yet again, and with Alex Xu’s abysmal performance, the future is not bright.” “Hunter’s absence was successful in ensuring there were no naked laps over the course of the night.”

Silver medalists: Team ‘The Scouts’: “The scouts might have came in second we lost to a really strong team in Dani and Lauren but we played well, hit our shots, and will be hitting the training tables gettin ready for next year.”

And the victors, Team ‘2 guys 10 cups’: “Lin Pong is a tradition that Lauren Silberberg herself started, we came back to bring the title back to its rightful home. The clutch celeb shots and moral support of the entire lin is everything we needed to beat the competition.” “As soon as we walked in the room, it was game over. Period.”